Get a letter from Artist

Artists write your children a letter to tell them about their early years, relationships with parents and friends, life, ideas, works.

Through engaging activities your children will learn about Artist's work and style. Unique art exercises will boost their creativity.

Subscribe to receive a handcrafted letter every month sent via Canada Post (self pick up is also available). You will get high quality printed materials (up to 15 pages).

Letters From Artist are an fun, nostalgic, and unique way to learn about Art.

What is inside

  • Personalized letter from ARTIST  with questions.

  • History information, style description with questions

  • MEMO GAME cards (with 3 artworks) with description

  • Spot 10 differences

  • Word search

  • 3 activities

  • 3 coloring pages

  • Gift

subcrribe for letters from artist


Mail me one letter

Mail me 3 letters

(one monthly)

35 CAD (Canada)
40$ (USA)

100 cad
115$ (USA)

how to pay

Cash (5 CAD discount when pick up from Bathurst-Steeles, Toronto)

who is ready


пока только на русском языке!

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